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Welcome to Southern Dogs Adoption Coordinator

Southern Dogs Adoption Coordinator promotes the re-homing of puppies and dogs in need, all of them come from the efforts of our affiliate Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana rescue groups and their wonderful dedicated foster homes who rescue and rehabilitate and take care of these babies for so long before coming northeast to their furever homes.

The majority of dogs and puppies in the south will be killed within 7 days (sometimes sooner!) of being dropped off at a shelter IF they are thought to be strays, IF an owner drops them off they could be on their way to be euthanized as the owner walks to their car. IF we have room in a southern foster home we can pull many of them and place them into foster care for several weeks, with a private foster family until they are fully vetted. When there is a litter of puppies in need of rescue and their Mom is available we ALWAYS take her in, too, once her puppies are weaned she is spayed. Then they head north to new furever homes!  There are a lot of IFs in rescue...

For more information about us, and the adoption process, please visit our ABOUT page!

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